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Community Outreach


Adult Community Outreach

This program provides community-based outreach, service coordination, and referral services to help improve the lives of individuals struggling with various aspects of budgeting and finance. Our goal is to facilitate access to local community providers and help individuals establish a natural support system while teaching the necessary skills for financial freedom.

This training covers budgeting tips, money management tips and tricks, benefits of banking, budget busters to avoid, and finding and applying for benefits.


Outreach Ideas for Youth and Children

Programs that reach out to youth and children are vital in improving their financial literacy and future success.

Youth/children outreach must include activities that are young people-friendly.
It is essential that teens feel welcome and comfortable to be encouraged to return and invite others to come with them.

Some examples are sports activities, video game tournaments, youth booths at local fairs or community events, etc. These activities can lead to more value-orientated actions and incorporate Bible study.

Community Resources

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Programs

We encourage our residents, businesses and visitors to become a volunteer to help prevent litter and make a difference in our community – all ages and abilities welcome!