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T.F.T. Organization | Broderick A Taylor – Executive Director


P. O Box 24621
Fort Worth, TX 76124




8:00am- 5:00pm

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How Long does it take to become debt free?

Everyone’s situation is different, but it does take discipline and the renewing of your mind regarding making healthy financial decisions.

Can I do my own credit repair?

Yes, with our assistance, we will walk you through the process of repairing your credit.

Can we volunteer with our kids?

Yes, some locations allow you to be present, and some allow other adults to supervise.

How long are your classes?

We have a few different ways to take our classes that are tailored to help accommodate your schedule. Call or email for more information.

What is an emergency fund?

Emergency fund is 6 to 8 months of living expenses saved, and not to be touched.

Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship Application Online Form

1  Name

2  Mailing Address

3  Daytime Telephone Number

4  Current High School

5  I will be attending the following school in the Fall of 2023

6  What year will you enter school?  

7  Will you be a full time student?  

8  Will you be a commuting student?  Will you live on campus?

9  Current Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA):

Attach proof of GPA; you’re most recent unofficial high school transcript required.

10 Score


A copy of your ACT or SAT score sheet. (Not required, but would like evidence of college entrance exam scores.)

11  Name & address of parent(s) or legal guardian(s): 

12  List the name of any college you have attended.


Year Began

Year Ended

Year Graduated

Type of Degree Received

13  What specialty/major do you plan to major in as you continue your education?

14   List expenses you expect to incur per semester or quarter:

(Approximate figures acceptable)    Make additional comments if needed.                           

15   List other financial assistance you will receive per semester or quarter:                         

16  SCHOOL EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                          

17  AREA OF STUDY:                         

18  ORGANIZATIONS:                        

19  RECOGNITIONS:                         

20  GOALS:                        

21  ESSAY:                       

22  CAREER PLANS:                     


A. The following items must be attached to this application in order for the application to qualify to be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

B. Your application will be returned to you if these items are not attached to this application. (No exceptions.)

C. Click “YES” or “NO” to be sure you have attached each item as required.

Home Improvement

Hire a Contractor

We are starting a pilot program to allow you to hire a contractor. This program is geared towards offering affordable contractors to seniors and or Veterans. If you want to be contacted once this program is launched, please complete the following form.

Hire a contractor

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